Cybernet was the first cybernetic information bridge between companies and a Government to exist in the world. 

It consisted in the implementation of a network of Telex machines in different factories throughout Chile. 

This process was put into operation in November 1971. This project was coordinated by Roberto Cañete, an engineer and former Naval officer who was Stafford Beer’s translator, and who had experience in computing networks.  Nonetheless, information transfer applications still depended on archaic information processing systems. Information was transmitted once a day by the companies involved to the ECOM central offices.

It was then processed by a team of engineers directed by Isaquino Benadof, and subsequently sent to the operations rooms. The information was then processed in the operations room and returned to ECOM, from where it was sent back to the companies. 

This laid the foundations for one of the first experiences of transfer of economic information in real time in Chile by means of a unique cybernetic system.

Roberto Cañete
Roberto Cañete