As Chile is a country that is geographically isolated from the rest of South America owing to the desert in the north, the Andes Mountains in the east, the Pacific Ocean in the west, and Antarctica in the south, it has had to maintain its external communications by means of a diversity of communications systems.

Joseph Dottin Husbans installed the first telephone lines in Chile in 1879, and the first national long distance telephone connexion was established in 1880.

IBM founded the first computer company in Chile in 1929, and the machines were used by different companies.
Chileans were introduced to television in 1962, for the World Soccer Cup that was played that year.

500 Telex machines were purchased during the Government of President Frei Montalva, which would be used in the area of companies involved in social State responsibility.  These machines were later used during the Allende administration in the Cybersyn project, for the implementation of a network called Cybernet, which would connect different CORFO companies