The aims, dreams and ideals of Chileans during the Government of President Salvador Allende between 1970 and 1973 were divided into two opposed factions. In those days, Chile was an underdeveloped country (which today are called “developing countries”) and had the enormous responsibility of being the “first country in the world who was represented by a democratically elected socialist President”.
On the one hand, were the people and groups who supported the socialist ideology, and who regardless of the shortages created by economic recession, maintained their faithful and confident support of the socialist project by means of street demonstrations, art, culture and social commitment. Some of the results of these actions were the “Museum of Solidarity”, consisting of a network of emergent and well-known Chilean and  foreign artists who decided to get together and create a free museum for the people, or the construction of the UNCTAD III  building that would house the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development for the Third World in April 1972.
The building was erected in a record time of 100 days, and most of the construction workers did not charge for their work.
On the other hand, impatience played a key role in the strategy of the opposition, who hoarded basic goods and contributed to inflation, in an act that the population perceived as the reflection of the irrevocable failure of the government. Pots and pans were beaten like drums in street demonstrations, and  housewives were furious because they had to make long queues for basic food and for goods that were in demand in those days, they threw maize kernels at houses of members of the armed forces as a way as labelling as cowards.
Finally, pressure and social instability were the most important tools wielded by the opposition, opening the road to the military coup which destroyed any possibility of reaching political stability through democracy.
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